The Struggle for Theology's Soul

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Contesting Scripture in Christology, Second hand hardback book
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    A leading scholar of Christology shows why a theologian must be a "master of Holy Writ", and why a biblical scholar must be a theologian. William M. Thompson makes a convincing case for keeping theology and scriptural studies in fruitful combination and dialogue. The Struggle for Theology's Soul is a rehabilitation of the way theologians and biblical scholars practiced their craft in the greater history of the Church, but with a second naivete, having attempted to pass through the challenges of contemporary thought. It honors a certain kind of specialisation of disciplines, but also argues that it is healthy to have works which are more integrative as well. Each style needs and corrects the other. The book is somewhat contentious, and definitely passionate. Christology, argues the author, is at bottom a contest over Holy Writ, and this contest constitutes theology's soul because Christ is theology's center. Generalists and specialists alike will find much to ponder, discuss, and debate in The Struggle for Theology's Soul.