The Victory of Christ - Vintage book

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Second hand hardback book with no dust jacket and some wear and tear to cover.
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    Dom Anscar Vonier, Abbot of Buckfast, was among England's greatest homilists and theologians of the early twentieth century. His works include "A Key to the Doctrine of the Eucharist" and "The Spirit and the Bride." In this final book of his Christological Trilogy, Abbot Vonier gives an inspiring account of Christ's triumph over death and its centrality to the life of the Church. Through a close study of the New Testament, Vonier unfolds how the truth of Christ as Victor informs the Church's liturgy and aposotolic mission, giving to all Christian spirits the means of understanding and confronting the presence of evil in the world. Vonier writes, "The Catholic Church then, must at all times be viewed in the light of Christ's victory; it is her very life to believe in that victory, to feed on it, to glorify it through the Spirit that is in her. Any diminution of her faith in Christ's victory would be a death-blow to her; for she is not living on an edifying memory, but she fights for the King of Glory whom the heavens have received." Praise for "The Victory of Christ": "The Victory of Christ is a literary mosaic portraying the meaning of the eternal triumph of the Redeemer as seen from various points of view and as it should be imprinted as a reality on the mind of the faithful." -Dom Bernard Moss, in "The Downside Review" "The gripping reality of Christ's victory cannot be set forth in few words, nor can it be understood by the unbeliever. But the sincere Christian who reads this book once, and perhaps again, will be rewarded and comforted by a clear realization of the truth which the Christian ages celebrate as the Victory of Christ." -Orate Fratres