This is Ecumenism

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A Grail Simplified Council Document. Second hand paperback, some wear and tear on the front cover.
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    Containing simplifications of the: Decree on Ecumenism, Decree on the Eastern Catholic Churches, and Declaration on the Relation of the Church to Non-Christian Religion.

    Among Christians the ecumenical movement is one of the most important to  have emerged in recent years. For disunity is a scandal to the world and works against the aims of all Christians. Here the Catholic Church sets out the guiding principles which should govern our relationship, not only with Islam, Judaism and other world religions. Here are some of the issues raised by these documents. Is work for ecumenism the duty of all Catholics or only of those informed and able to discuss theological matters? Has our attitude towards other Christians always been right in the past? Is the teaching in Catholic schools always free from anti-semitism?