Timeless Echo CD

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'Timeless Echo' is a unique audio-visual release from the Carmelite Friars community based in the UK. Includes 2 discs.
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    For the first time, you are invited to experience the sights and sounds of the Carmelite way of life, an ancient Catholic order founded in 12th Century on Mount Carmel. Produced and recorded in studio and in the chapels of Aylesford Priory in Kent, the 'Timeless Echo' audio CD features a mixture of new recordings of ageless chants, modern songs and enlightening readings. Performed by the Carmelite Friars of Aylesford Priory and guest performers, 'Timeless Echo' invites you into the spiritual realm of the Carmelite order, bringing solace and warmth to the listener regardless of faith. 'Timeless Echo' also includes an exclusive bonus DVD featuring a 30 minute documentary on the life and work of the Carmelite Friars. Featuring many of the tracks from 'Timeless Echo', the viewer can understand the process of devoting your life to the journey of Carmel and the life of a modern day Friar. As a registered charity, the Carmelite Friars of Aylesford Priory are not only using 'Timeless Echo' to promote their work in society but also allow each copy of 'Timeless Echo' sold to help fund its presence in modern life and the support it offers pilgrims from around the world.