Upon this Mountain

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Prayer in the Carmelite Tradition.
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    Christian Prayer can sometimes seem like a mystery. How to pray? What method? Whom to turn to? The Carmelite Order - a tradition of prayer and contemplation - is blessed with great teachers of prayer, including Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross. But rather than suggest a method, they take us to the essence of prayer, which Teresa describes as nothing else than an intimate sharing between friends. And they focus on what makes up a true relationship with God: humble knowledge of ourselves, authentic living, exposure to the relatily of a self-surrendering God, contemplation of his Presence within. Upon this mountain is a succint and masterly introduction to prayer in the Carmelite tradition. It explores the foundations of prayer, the nature of the relationship, the process of entering into stillness, and the furits of prayer transforming the person who prays and bringing life to the world. In a few short chapters, this profound book says everything. 

    Mary McCormack OCD has been a Carmelite nun for over forty years. She has served as President of the Association of British Carmels, and has ben several times prioress and novice mistress, involved in forming yound people in human and spiritual developent.  

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