Vatican II

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A Struggle of Minds and other essays. Paper back edition.
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    This author is widely regarded as being one of the foremost contemporary European theologians. For that reason Father Schillebeeckx's reflections on the Second Vatican Council stand as having unusual authority. The author gives a theological analysis of what has taken place at the Council during the first session in terms of distinction between two attitudes of mind which he calls essentialist and existentialist. Abstract or pastoral we would say. He purposely rejects the use of political terminology - "liberal", "conservative", "progressive" and the rest - which have become so popular in discussion of the conciliar debates, in favour of considering objectively the dialogue which is a perfectly natural feature between the essentialist and existentialist viewpoints. Father Schillebeeckx also discusses several of the significant misunderstandings which arose at the council. Included in this book are two important essays by the same author, The Death of a Christian, and The Layman in the Church in which Father Schillebeeckx attempts to work out from a theological viewpoint the layman's place and role in the Church and the nature of genuine lay spirituality.