Where Two or Three are Gathered

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Christian families as domestic churches. Second hand paperback book in very good condition.
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    Since its retrieval by the Second Vatican Council, the idea of Christian families as domestic churches has slowly but steadily gained favor among Catholics. Striking a careful balance between academic theology and practical spirituality, Florence Caffrey Bourg provides a comprehensive analysis of the home and family as one of the most authentic and important locations of the faith community. Bourg draws on literature pertaining to domestic churches from the period of Vatican II to the present to explore the concept of domestic church in relation to the Catholic theological traditions of sacramentality, virtue, and the consistent ethic of life. Bourg examines the role of families - as basic cells of society and church - in character education, formation of religious identity and vision, and creation of more just social structures. She provides a foundational treatment of Christian family life as a proper concern of systematic theology, especially ecclesiology. Her analysis leads her to conclude that the increasing interest in domestic church presents a consensus-building opportunity the Catholic church cannot afford to ignore. Where Two or Three Are Gathered offers the first comprehensive theological treatment of domestic church, and contains memorable real-life stories that help to illustrate larger theological points. This timely and important book will appeal to anyone interested in the potentially sacred significance of ordinary activity and the relationship of Christian faith and family life.