Why am I not a Roman Catholic - Vintage Book

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A reasoned rejection of the Papal claims. Second hand hardback book 1953 edition with slight damage to dustcover.
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    This book attempts to answer one question only: why one priest in the Church of England is not a Roman Catholic. If it were desirable, he would be ready to explain why he is not an Orthodox or a Methodist, but as it is, there is little sign in England, at least, of any desire on the part of members of those bodies to proselytize from the Catholic Church, understandably enough, bitterly attacks us, and devotes a good deal of energy to seeking to persuade Anglicans to transfer their allegiance. It is therefore worth while to attempt an explanation of the reasons which preclude a member from becoming a Roman Catholic, and which should cause a Roman Catholic to consider seriously whether regard for truth does not require him to leave a branch of the Church which asserts unsubstantiated claims to a monoply of the truth.