Wings of the Morning

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    Verses from the psalms, the Gospel of St. John and St. Paul's Letter to the Romans are the inspiration for this latest collection of reflections and prayers. In this collection of moving meditations, Frank Topping takes as his inspiration verses from the Psalms, St John's Gospel and St Paul's letter to the Romans. With his characteristic sensitivity and honesty he explores the well-loved passages and brings to them a new freshness. Beautifully illustrated with line drawings by Cetra Long, this book is ideal for private reading or group discussion. ""It seemed as if this had been written specially for me,"" That was the most frequently repeated phrase when listeners to Radio 2 wrote to the BBC asking for a copy of the script of Frank Topping's morning meditations on Pause for Thought. ""What made me decide to broadcast them regularly,"" says Frank, ""was the huge response from listeners - literally thousands."" In the Frank Topping series, the Lutterworth Press has published many of his most popular radio meditations. These collections of thoughts and prayers remain a pleasure to use and also a handy reference for those who want to find their favourite meditation.