You Are My God

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Autobiography by David Watson. Second hand paperback.
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    Converted at Cambridge under John Collins, 'followed up' by David Sheppard, David Watson discovered in his first two curacies a deepening commitment to evangelism and a new experience of the Holy Spirit. Them he found himself in York, with an almost empty church. Prayer and fasting led to conversions and growth, transforming the church into a pioneer renowned worldwide. The story of David's spiritual pilgrimage, the growth of his marriage, and the transformation of the church make enthralling reading. But this testimony is never triumphalistic - 'The Christian gospel is not about superstars. It is rather about God's extraordinary grace in spite of very ordinary human faults and failings ... I have tried to write honestly, in my life, my marriage and the church, about the pains and joys we have experienced. No human frailty need be a hindrance to God's infinite grace'.