Friar Beyond the Pale - a biography of the founder of our shrine

A biography of a great Carmelite who founded the National Shrine of Saint Jude
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    THROUGH HIS LETTERS to fellow friars, and through his Carmelite Newsletter, Fr. Elias Lynch - founder of the Shrine of Saint Jude - communicated his heart and soul to readers in the English county of Kent, his native Ireland, and throughout the world. At a time when the Carmelite Order, the Church, and society were in constant change. Elias shares with us his personal reflections in a way that is at once poignant, often humourous, and always warm. In one of his letters, Elias said: "In a hundred years time you and I will be dead, and not remembered. If we do not leave behind us something, however imperfectly expressed, as a memory of the Carmelites of our time, the young people who will be Carmelites of the future will have nothing to pin down and say, 'This is what a Carmelite of 1961 thought and did". The life and insights of Elias Lynch are presented to us by Fr. Wilfrid McGreal, O.Carm. Fr. Wilfrid was the Parish Priest in Faversham, where Fr. Elias worked and ministered for more than thirty years.

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